Moving and Changing…

Desite things not working out with Seth, Anna was happy that she had put Zach behind her. And with that, she put Guy behind her as well. Knowing he was married, she respected him enough to let him go. She just stopped replying to his messages and called it a day. She owed herself the respect, if she wanted to be respected. A recently divorced woman had no right to interfere in a married man’s life.

Anna concentrated on being mother and father to little ButterFly. If Zach had no wish to be part of the little girl’s life, Anna wanted to. She had already lost one baby, she wasn’t going to neglect the precious one that was alive. Within her means, Anna gave ButterFly everything – love, time, toys, endless gifts – all the things that money could buy as well as all the things that love could provide.

Haddie and Derek filled Anna’s life in the hope to close the gap in ButterFly’s life that Zach had left wide open, an act that Anna treasured with all her life. She owed Haddie and Zach her life for helping her raise this little girl.

The months passed. The heartache also passed. Anna relied on her work and studies to blank out the pain of the divorce as well as constant prayer to the Almighty. The end of the tunnel was nearing and Anna could see the light – a light that was filling her life and replacing the pain of the divorce. This light was her inner strength. Constantly Anna told herself that if the Almighty brings you through it, He will help you through it. Anna didn’t ever realise how much of strength she truly had. She had been through so much – loss of a baby, divorce, single parenthood.

Beyond this, she knew that something was going to bring her some happiness. And that’s when the Almighty decided to save the best for last. Derek decided to move to Mozambique for business and in this, he included Anna and ButterFly. This was just what Anna needed. Away from Johannesburg. A chance to start over, away from all the memories – to be close to her family – cousins, aunts, uncles. The isolation from family had taken its count in the bad occasions of her life and this is exactly what she needed.

With a smile on her face, Anna resigned and started packing for her new life..


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