A new day has come

Well.. Regardless of the outcome, Anna was happy. Disappointed but happy. She was free from this loveless farce that she had constantly tried to call a marriage. No regrets though. With Zach, she had two beautiful little girls and whatever bad patches she had went through were the Almighty’s way of adding points of interest in the map of her life.

Anna dusted herself off and decided that she needed to go on. Regardless of all the crap that she had been through with Zach and his family. Anna said to herself that with each passing day she had to slowly forgive herself for the failure that her marriage had been. She unfortunately blamed herself – however it does take two to tango. Yes, she could have tried harder. But then again, so could have Zach.

Zach’s final words to Anna were “if you don’t want to be my wife, then I want nothing to do with ButterFly either.” He had absolutely no interest in her welfare from this day forth and even denied that ButterFly was even his. He claimed that Anna had been having an affair with Guy since day one and that Guy was ButterFly’s real father – he had somehow acquired proof from Guy regarding this.

Anna was not impressed. She had long forgotten Guy and these accusations were not fair. Anna summoned the courage and tried her best to get hold of Guy. She knew that he had gotten married and she had no right to contact him, but Zach had left her with no options. She got hold of guy with just one question “has my ex husband been in touch with you for any reason whatsoever?”

Just that question alone was enough for Anna and Guy to start their friendship from where they had left off. This wasn’t fair to Anna or Guy – but somehow there was a cosmic magnetic pull. Guy was in Cape Town, Anna in Johannesburg. Guy was married, Anna was going through a bad divorce. Everything spelt out the word wrong.

Luckily in this short space of time, Anna had another distraction. She became friends with someone from her past. Seth. Recently divorced. He showered ButterFly with endless love, attention and affection. He was the perfect solution to Anna’s confused heart. Time spent with him made her forget Zach’s nastiness and how much she yearned to be with Guy – especially now that they were talking once again.

Though things with Seth did not work out, Anna was grateful for one thing, Seth had managed to help Anna forget Zach. And in forgetting Zach, she turned over a new chapter of her life. She started from scratch – Anna and ButterFly. The Dream Team.


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