13 October 2010

Anna worked hard to adjust to the new life. It was a different country. Sure she had been here before, but one cannot equate a holiday with a home. The two are different on all levels.

Anna missed her space and comfort zone and was struggling to build one.. She knew deep down that she needed to find the resources and means to create everything new. She missed all her friends – especially the people that had supported her through all the terrible parts of her life. Sure, technology means that your loved ones are never too far away from you – but it wasn’t the same.

Her sole aim in everyday was to wake up and take one further step in the adjusting process.

In six weeks, she had somewhat adjusted, when she received an email from a familiar looking address. GUY. What could he possible want? What kind of a sick joke was destiny playing on her?

Yes it was Guy and he wanted “his” Anna back. He needed her in his life as much as she needed air to survive. Anna was angry. The situation was all wrong. The circumstances were all wrong.

Anna always believed in giving someone a chance to redeem themself – and decided to give the love of her life the chance to make her happy. Regardless the circumstances, there was a reason that Guy was back in her life and she needed to give fate and destiny a chance. She had loved this man since she had laid eyes on him at the age of 19. And now, 8years later – he wanted her. They were both single and it was ideal – although they were in different countries. This wasn’t a rebound for her – this was the real thing. This was the Almighty telling her that they belonged together. They were soul mates. They were meant to be together…


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