Anna gives Zach up

The ultimate breaking point for what was left of their “marriage” came when Zach decided to use ButterFly as an ace card in this whole “game”. His threat to Anna was, “Give the baby to my parents and we can be husband and wife.” This was the ultimate point to Anna. He had made the wrong threat. This little girl was Anna’s heart and soul, and Zach wanted her to give her baby away. The threat didn’t stop there. If that was not enough, Zach’s parents went to Anna’s parents’ house while Anna was at work to demand the baby.
Anna had to protect her little girl at all costs. She told Zach that it was over on all levels. It was one thing for him to play with her and her feelings. However, Anna is a grown up and can defend herself. ButterFly was not even two years old. Why toy with a defenceless infant? Zach threatened to take Anna to court, however Anna armed herself with legal research and Zach had no leg to stand on.
Zach didn’t pay any child or spousal support nor attempted to pay any of the debt that Anna had made due to him. Yes legally it was hers, but morally they were shared. They were husband and wife; the vows made on their wedding day were to stick together through thick and thin, for better or for worse. This was not the case. Zach had packed up and left and had left the situation in Anna’s hand – knowing that she was incapable of paying off the debt and supporting the baby. However, Anna was lucky. The Almighty did not walk out on her. Her parents took on the full responsibility of support Baby ButterFly while Anna worked day & night to pay the debt off. Zach constantly emailed & called Anna up with threats & such. But Anna was done.
One of the last email conversations that Anna had with Zach was this email from Zach:

Hope you are well.

I have bought stuff for B F and have done a transfer for some other things that she probably needs.

Also, I would like to come over on the weekend for 2 reasons ? one, to see B F and two, to discuss with you your personal financial status. However, if you do want the discussion to take place, I require a neutral venue as this is between us. Likewise the upbringing of our child.

I would also like to know, and in effect buy for B F any items of clothes that she may need.

As that we have had two children together, I don?t foresee this being a problem for whatever differences we may have had. Kindly get back to me at your soonest so that arrangements can be made ? please, I do not want to cause any problems ? I just want to see my daughter. If it is a problem let me know.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further..

To this Anna waited a few days to reply but dropped a bombshell on him…


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  1. He was a nasty piece of work

    Comment by | February 17, 2011 | Reply

  2. I hope u slapped him with a maintenance order.

    Comment by hoosen | February 17, 2011 | Reply

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