The Bad Goodbye

Zach told his parents that he was completely broke and alleged that Anna “wasted” all his money on groceries, clothes and toys for ButterFly. Everything was an expense. He made it sound like his wife and child were two huge expenses. What his parents proposed was that they move in with his parents and that Anna and Zach were to work Sunday to Sunday, ButterFly was to be brought up by his parents and his parents would determine their financial needs and would even determine in time if and when they were to extend their family further as – according to Zach’s parents – Zach and Anna were doing a poor job of handling their own finances and bringing up their child. In their eyes, Anna and Zach were two kids who had brought a baby into the world without any proper planning or experience.

This whole story insulted Anna on every level. She was 25, not 15. The Almighty had already taken her first baby from her. Anna was not going to allow Zach’s parents to remove her baby and run her life. She had a promising career ahead of her with an opportunity to study further. She was not going to throw her life, her future and her daughter away because of these judgemental people, in return for a Sunday to Sunday dead end job behind a shop counter.

When Anna and Zach returned home, things constantly got worse. Anna point black refused to listen to anything Zach had to say about her resigning. She had dealt with enough interference from both sets of parents and this was just the pits. Now Zach’s parents were demanding her to leave her job. Anna was not going to be someone’s maid for all of eternity. Anna was worth so much more.

Family meetings took place to try and resolve all the issues. Zach constantly humiliated Anna. He even brought out their lack of intimacy and proclaimed that he neither loved nor trusted Anna, and hadn’t in a very long time. Anna just beared it all with a smile for the sake of her child, and regardless of these humiliations, she agreed to try.

To Zach, trying was Anna becoming 100% submissive to him. Worshipping him, not questioning anything he said. Anna was not going to change her entire personality in order to make Zach happy. He had walked over her time and time again. Anna realised that all Zach wanted was his UK visa extended when he was living in London. That was the sad truth. It hurt a lot but atleast it was the truth.

Zach was persistant in not paying any bills, including the rent to Haddie and Derek. So Haddie decided that Zach was to leave. He walked out, without even saying so much as a goodbye to his child. And that’s when the war started…


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