The beginning of the End

When Butterfly was 9 months old, Anna decided that she’d like to look for a job. She began applying and was accepted for a learnership position – where she would earn very little but be trained and certified after a year. It was going to be a long and difficult year from a financial point of view but she was going to try really hard to better her family’s life.

Anna began working just before ButterFly turned a year. She cried on her first day at work because she missed her little girl terribly. It was habit to wake up and look after her child. She was not used to working while her baby was at work.

Anna and Zach worked different hours – so they divided the work and the caring for their baby in such a way that ButterFly would benefit from both her parents’ available time. Anna prayed that it would work out. She had a fantastic domestic worked, who helped her immensely with the housework as well as with ButterFly.

Anna’s little world was shown a new horizon with this new job. Anna began to learn new things, have opinions, have new interests and became a social butterfly. Anna was becoming intellectually stimulated and became a new person. She stopped sweating the small stuff and all that mattered was her need to provide for her family.

However, as the days went by, Zach and Anna had less time for each other. When Anna left for work, he was asleep. When Zach returned from work, she was asleep. If it wasn’t for email, Anna and Zach would not speak for the whole working week. Anna was feeling a huge loss of communication as well as a break down in companionship. Once again, her marriage was failing.

During this time, Anna heard from mutual friends that Guy had gotten married. She was happy for him. All she wanted was for Guy to be happy, she always wished him well. Anna loved Guy too much to ever wish anything bad onto him.

Slowly, the problems became cropping up. Zach seemed to make every available excuse to avoid spending time with Anna and the baby. Every weekend he had a new excuse. He even suggested that on weekends, they start hanging out with their friends – Zach with his, and Anna with hers. Anna found this fishy but didn’t say anything.

Anna began to feel fed up of this “marriage” when Zach started claiming that he had no money. Anna had to purchase groceries and the baby’s things on credit through store and credit cards. Zach only really spoke to her on pay day. He even made her pay the rent as well as the domestic’s wages and Anna’s extremely small salary became even tinier. Nothing was left for her. Anna thought that she was saving her marriage, in effect she was being used by Zach for him to hide his money.

Things were getting miserable, and interference from both sets of parents did not help anyone. The problems really reached the surface when at Easter, Zach and Anna went on a trip to visit Zach’s parents. Anna was already miserable, and Zach’s decisions without Anna made her see red and the end of the line for this “marriage”.


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