Welcome, Little ButterFly

Little ButterFly was born at 37 weeks – 3 weeks early so that Anna would not risk going into labour. Anna was wheeled into theatre at 10.00am and at exactly 10.12am, little ButterFly was born. What a lazy little girl. When the Dr pulled her out, she was snoring. The peadiatrician was in stitches. He had never seen a baby born fast asleep.

She was beautiful though. She wasn’t as tall as Xena, but was much rounder. Another little girl with thick black hair. This one was split image of Anna. Nothing of Zach – complete opposite to Xena. She had no interest whatsoever in the world, she just lay in her crib asleep. She seemed content. Anna was stunned – this little girl was beautiful, and gave her a new lease on life.

When Zach arrived at the hospital, he looked at the little girl and turned to Anna and said in a very cynical tone, “This one looks like you.” Anna was too happy to argue. She had a beautiful little girl – and that’s what mattered most. When little ButterFly woke up for her feed, Anna felt complete. Yes, she was missing Xena and wondered what it would be like if Xena was here as well, but she relished the happiness that was destined for her.

Anna was on bedrest for another 6weeks to recover from the birth, and Zach tried his best to do what he could to help Anna out. On the day the ButterFly was born, he started a new job and he as well felt like it was a new beginning for them as a family. They agreed to try their best for their baby. She needed them both. Anna was too happy not to oblige.

Anna just looked forward to being a mum again. However, she was paranoid. She was afraid something would happen to ButterFly. Anna watched her every night instead of sleeping, while Haddie watched her during the day. They were both afraid that ButterFly would stop breathing like Xena did. Thankfully, ButterFly was a healthy baby, and by her 6 week check up, had gained 2kg and Anna was given the green light to resume her life.

Nothing made Anna happier. She was married, and had a beautiful little girl. And this was the beginning of a lifetime of happiness, devoted to her baby.


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