An almost perfect week…

Anna found that Xena’s arrival had brought a new found peace & tranquility that she had never felt before. She had no idea what being a mother was about. Yes, she had read about it, in only about 40 different books and another 200 books. But reading other people’s experiences and absorbing your own feelings are two different things.
For starters, Anna had always been afraid of carrying new born babies. Xena was the first new born baby she had ever carried.
Anna had no idea how to bath a newborn, break her wind or dress her. She felt like she had just entered a brand new world. A world she was relishing every second of. Anna would not part from her daughter’s side, unless it was necessary. Haddie helped Anna in every way she could – bathing, wind breaking techniques, dressing Xena, and nappy changing. Anna needed all the help she was given, she was alone with Xena and she really missed Zach. She didn’t show it much, but everytime he called the tears came, and everyday she missed him more and more. Anna had to be strong for herself and the baby and braved the loneliness, despite her family’s help from all angles.
Anna really felt that Zach was being robbed of something, she just couldn’t put a finger on it somehow.
The day Anna returned from the hospital, she texted Guy. “Hi, I didn’t go back to the UK. The baby came early. Hope you’re well.”
Guy called immediately, and very reluctantly Anna took his call.
He called to congratulate her, she could hear the emotion in his voice. She smiled at the thought of Guy caring so much about her. She really wished that things had spanned in a different direction with Guy. Oh well, she thought, as long as we are friends now. That’s all that really matters.

Xena was a perfect baby. Every new mother’s dream. She slept for hours, ate well and never cried much. Anna maternal instincts kicked in at the hospital and she knew everytime her baby was hungry or needed a nappy change – before Xena needed to cry. Anna tended to every need of Xena’s with love and happiness. Anna’s heart was so full of love for this tiny person that at times, Anna felt like it was about to burst.

Zach was only due to arrive in three weeks. Anna missed him terribly and he could hear in her voice that everything was not ok. She needed her husband, she just didn’t tell him so. Zach did what he could and anticipated his plane ticket and was to arrive that weekend, to surprise his wife. Everything was planned with Haddie and Anna had no idea.

Zach was to leave on Sunday night from London and was scheduled to arrive on Monday morning. That Saturday morning however, tragedy struck. An early morning phonecall changed everyone’s plans for the weekend…


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  1. Oh gosh. And you leave it at that?
    Whens the next one. Can’t wait.

    Comment by Naseema | January 29, 2011 | Reply

  2. No no no dnt stop there!!!!!

    Comment by Melissa | January 29, 2011 | Reply

  3. Hey….

    Beautifully written…. Loving the suspense, but please write more…


    Comment by bluesunflower | January 29, 2011 | Reply

  4. Ya hurry up now next one

    Comment by | January 29, 2011 | Reply

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