The Chronicles of London

Zach & Anna started married life alone, in a different country, in a different continent. For Anna, who was accustomed to being “Daddy’s little princess” this was definitely a huge adjustment.

Gone were the days of domestic workers and mum cooking. What she didn’t know, she had to figure out. On her own. Mum was a phonecall away, in a different continent, in a different time zone.

However, living the London dream was definitely beautiful. London is the centre of the world. Everything is on your doorstep thanks to the tube and the transport system. Anna felt like a little canary let out of her cage. So much exploring to do. Alone and with her husband. London and all its sights. England. Europe.

For her first birthday as his wife, Zach took Anna to Kingston upon Thames. It was an ice cold winter’s day. But the sights were beautiful. Photograph after photograph flowed. Of newly wedded smiles. Of happiness. Anna seemed to be content with this new life. No reminders of Guy. A new world waiting to be discovered. Every day something new and this excitement kept Anna on her toes. She thrived on this and it filled her world with happiness. Slowly, she was falling in love with Zach.

Anna and Zach both worked and had their their little love nest. A one bedroom little flat furnished and decorated to suit both their tastes. This was tricky as they hardly knew each other and needed to learn alot about each other. This had good days, really great days and it occasionally had bad days. It was like being in school. However, not having anyone nearby to complain to or moan about the other really made them work through their crap as they only had each other.

Weekends was the same lovely routine. Spring cleaning, laundry, football on the telly and dinner somewhere. Every weekend they discovered a new place to eat. Edgeware Road. Paddington. London Bridge (Millie’s cookies & Pies!!!). Upton Park. Southall. The list is endless. Edgeware Road stood out for the Arab atmosphere that Anna loved. The shisha pipes and Arab cuisine enchanted her to no end. As well as listening to the Arab’s speaking English.

Anna was happy. Her life was full in all aspects. Zach filled up Anna’s dreams of being the perfect husband. Protecting her from everything. Life was beautiful. Nothing further was needed until Anna began to have some niggling health issues.

Anna’s mum came to London from Johannesburg to see to Anna in the summer (June/July) after the wedding. Anna and Zach took Anna’s mum, Haddie, sight seeing all over London. They went to Blue Water Shopping Centre outside London and Anna felt like Anjali in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

Haddie, however, was extremely worried about Anna’s health. Anna was not well and visits to the Dr just told them one thing. She needed a procedure done in order to ever be able to have a baby. All contraception was to be stopped immediately.

The procedure was booked and Haddie’s flight to Johannesburg delayed. On the morning of the procedure, however, Haddie’s maternal intuition got the better of her and told Anna that she should wait a few more weeks and go for a check up. Anna agreed and went sight seeing with Haddie that day. It was extremely hot in London that day, and in the tube stations, temperatures had risen to 45 degrees Celcius. Anna suddenly felt faint and almost passed out. Haddie had a slight suspicion but kept it to herself.

Zach had a sudden bout of unexplained gastric flu & out of nowhere Anna experienced really really bad heartburn. Zach knew something was up. Out of nowhere Zach bought a pregnancy test and forced Anna to take the test. Anna thought it was a joke. She was still reeling from the conversation from the Dr earlier in the month that she was unable to concieve at the present time. But this constant heartburn & fainting spells. So she took the test and it was positive. Anna was over the moon.. She and Zach were going to be parents.. They were bringing a little person into this world.. Concieved out of their love… 🙂


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  1. I’m hooked on this story… thanks for sharing. You have so much more to tell than the 140 characters in twitter

    Comment by Rosemary | January 27, 2011 | Reply

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