A whirlwind romance…

“I try so hard to tell myself that you’re gone” Evanescence – my immortal…

Those were the words Anna lived by. Day and night. To push Guy’s memories into a locked tomb. Out of her mind. Out of her soul.

Everyday she woke up, looked in the mirror and told herself. He’s gone. Deal with it.

Along came Zach. He was the complete opposite of Guy. Nice to talk to. A nice friend. The emails and texts preceeded. Back and forth. No strings attached. Zach was residing in the UK, although he was South African. Working, making a living.

Zach came to Johannesburg on holiday. And it so happened that Zach’s family lived in the same vicinity where Anna resided.

They met for coffee and hooked up. To Anna, it was casual. To Zach, he wanted marriage. Anna offered him the companionship and after 2 days, Zach proposed. Anna thought it was a joke because Zach was due back in London within a week. She laughed it off.

Anna and Zach kept in contact via telephone, text and email. Speaking everyday and Zach convincing her to marry him. Anna was being treated like a princess. So she said, why not? Besides, this gave her what she really needed. A chance to live in her dream country – The United Kingdom.

Exactly a month from the day that Zach and Anna met for the first time, Zach’s family did the indian thing of a proposal and a formal date setting. 6 weeks later.
17 December 2005.

Anna did the adult thing and sent Guy a nice text. “Hi, I’m getting married in december and moving out of SA. Take care xx”

The preparations began. Anna succeeded in pushing Guy into a forgotten crevice of her mind and concentrated full force on her fairytale dream wedding and her move to the land where dreams are made of – London.

Anna’s dreams were finally materialising. A husband, a companion, a fairytale wedding. The European Dream. A childhood obsession with London was finally coming true.

A week before the wedding, Anna did the adult thing and emailed Guy, asking him to forgive her for any shortcomings and remember her in his prayers as she was beginning a new chapter in her life. He didn’t reply. Anna didn’t bother nor did it hurt. Her new life was commencing less than a week away.

The day arrived. Anna looked like a princess. A Victorian Wedding Gown. Mehndhi as is the Muslim tradition. A beautiful venue decorated the way Anna had chosen in all her favourite colours. Everything was perfect and went off smoothly. Anna and Zach were now husband and wife.

Two days later, all the bags were packed and it was time to jump on the plane. Anna was excited. She was enjoying being Zach’s wife and ready for this new adenture.

Anna hugged her parents goodbye and held her tears in until she boarded the plane. Then the emotions got the better of her. Zach took her in his arms and told her to cry it all out. She was safe with him. Everything was going to be ok.

Zach eventually fell asleep on the plane. Anna, however, could not sleep. The exhaustion due to the wedding was having a reverse effect and she was too tired to sleep. Couple that with the douchebag one row ahead who laughed all the way from Johannesburg until the plane stopped over in Dubai. Anna had a bad headache when the plane came to a halt.

The laughing douchebag stands in the aisle with his parents, looks over at Anna and says, “hey you’re Anna from MSN and I’m Seth. We used to chat last year”. All Anna does is stare at him with her very unimpressed face and mutters “umm yeah” very rudely and walked off into the airport.

In Dubai, Zach and Anna enjoy a very late dinner, board the plane and fall asleep. They needed the energy for the rush hour of London. They will be arriving at 6am in Heathrow International Airport. And at London Bridge Station at 7.15am. In the blistering cold of December…


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  1. I know its late but but but 😦 you can’t leave me hanging like this

    Comment by Miss Malema | January 26, 2011 | Reply

  2. lol thats a good one from Seth

    Comment by nadia | January 27, 2011 | Reply

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